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Car Kit includes: Speed block (3 wheels touching), axles, wheels, tungsten weights (4oz), speed foil and graphite.

3 on the Tree Extreme Competition Car Kit


Car Kit includes: Speed block (3 wheels touching), axles, wheels, tungsten weights (4oz), speed foil and graphite.

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Taken to the EXTREME, this kit is designed for those seeking top performance. This block's profile has been reduced to just 5/16 of an inch (thin to win). The car's nose has been tapered and has a slight upward tilt for smooth transitions into the braking section. The weight pockets have been enhanced for additional tuning ability and car body weight reduction. This car body weighs in at just 1/2 of an ounce!  SO EXTREME is the weight reduction to the body, that Performance Pinewood includes 4 ounces of tungsten cubes with this kit! This kit is made from the BSA Pinewood Derby Kit and is designed for the top performance that is only achieved by rail riding (3 wheels touching). *Please consult your derby's rule set prior to purchase.  With our block, rail riding is achieved without the use of bent axles! This block is plug-n-play and needs no additional adjustments or tuning!  Performance Pinewood allows you, the car builder, to customize the final car design while enjoying the benefits of precision drilled axle slots, custom weight pockets and an easy to use/tune design for top performance. Note: The ability to customize and make this car's final design is limited by the block's extreme low profile and enhanced weight pockets designed for top performance. The ability to customize and make your own car is the foundation of our design.  A lot of Pinewood Derby troops and rule sets restrict the use of cars that come from hobby stores and large pinewood derby web-sites that offer mass produced pre-shaped cars that are often not even made from original BSA materials.  There are numerous testimonials of parents and scouts who have been met with questions about those mass produced cars.  Verification is very easy now via a smart phone, so you'll want to make sure you only buy a kit that is from official BSA materials like ours.

This kit contains Performance Pinewood's Speed Block with precision axle drill, our specially designed weight pockets that hold 1/4" Tungsten cubes that can be placed for top performance, hand selected BSA speed axles, specially matched BSA Speed Wheels, Performance Pinewood's High Performance Graphite, Performance Pinewood Speed Foil and 4 ounces of 1/4" Tungsten Cubes. Depending on how you shape and finish your car, the final design may require additional cubes. Performance Pinewood offers cubes in 1 ounce packages and up to meet your needs. The Speed Block supplied in this kit has an extremely reduced profile of 5/16'" (thin to win) versus the standard BSA block. Our kit also contains a link to our YouTube car assembly/build video which includes a number of speed building tips!  If you are seeking even more speed visit our site at and check out great speed enhancing products like our Pure Power Wheel Bore Prep Kit, Pure Power Wheel Bore Wax, Pure Power Axle Prep Kit and coming soon Pure Power Smokin' Speed Wheels & Axles!