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Celebrating Community and Compassion: The 10th Annual Derby for the Vets

We at Performance Pinewood are excited to highlight an inspiring event in the pinewood derby community – the 10th Annual Derby for the Vets, as reported by KFGO. This special event not only brings together enthusiasts of the pinewood derby world but also supports a noble cause, contributing to the Fargo, North Dakota VA (Veterans Affairs).

Founders like Dan Jacobson, affectionately known as “Derby Dan,” have been instrumental in nurturing this event, striving to surpass a fundraising milestone of $100,000. It’s heartening to see such dedication and community spirit.

Our own journey, as narrated by Todd Hase and Jim Olson, resonates with the spirit of this event. Starting as former Derby champions, we navigated the ups and downs of pinewood derby racing, eventually founding Performance Pinewood. Our goal has always been to share our knowledge and passion, much like the spirit seen at the Derby for the Vets.

We commend the hard work of everyone involved, including Anne Leonhart, whose personal connection to the VA brings an added layer of meaning to the event.

For more details on this heartwarming event, read the full article on KFGO’s website.

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